ASO Tools: 101 tools to boost keyword rankings

App Store Optimization (ASO) is pretty hard work and to get your apps ranking on high value keywords you can use all the help you can get.

Here is the complete and unbiased list of the ASO tools available.

1. Free keyword research

AppTweaks keyword suggestion tool

The AppTweaks keyword suggestion tool is a handy free tool that allows you to easily expand your keyword phrases based on a single keyword.

free ASO tools to find keywords is somewhat comparable to the keyword suggestion tool above. They actually work quite well together when you are in the phase of expanding your keywords into a broader potential list of new keyword phrases. Once on the main page be sure select the Play Store tab so you’ll get recommendations based on the Google Play store.

aso tool

Google Ads keyword planner

Google Ads keyword planner is something you’ll know if you’re doing keyword based ads on Google. It is also quite handy to find and validate your keywords during your ASO research.

2. Complete ASO tools

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a broad ASO tool that offers a wide range of ASO keyword tracking and recommendation features. Furthermore as add-ons it offers market- and advertising intelligence features.

Pricing: a free tier is available in which you can track up to 5 keywords, which is likely to little to be useful. Then priced tiers range from $69 to $499 a month.


AppTweak is an ASO tool with market intelligence add-ons, something that has become common for ASO tool vendors to venture into. The tool does the job well with an easy to use UI. One thing that I haven’t seen in many other ASO tools is their ability to do backlink tracking to your Google Play apps. Backlinks have become increasingly important to gain keyword ranking on Google Play, so this is certainly a valuable feature.

Pricing: Free trial is available then pricing starts at $69/month in which you can track 15 apps and 400 keywords, which is a pretty decent amount to start with. Then prices increase to $299, and $599 a month. Market intelligence related features are available as add-ons.

They also offer ASO data through an API which is as a separate service on This can be pretty powerful if you’re looking to integrate ASO tools and data into your own reporting or toolset.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower offers some ASO tracking and research features and has branched out (like many) into the field of app intelligence as well. It is one of the more established ASO tools out there with great ASO compatibilities. One thing I didn’t like all that much personally was how they measured and estimated search volume. I’m not sure how that has evolved over time as it’s a while back I evaluated them.

Pricing: Had free tier back in the days, but don’t see these options any longer as they now seem to seek enterprise level customers.

App Annie

App Annie was mainly a handy tool to track your store statistics back in the early days. Access to all this data turned them into one of the leaders in app market intelligence. From an ASO perspective they do have some handy keyword related features that are available for free.

Pricing: I’d say see if you like some of the free features to support your ASO, the prices quickly skyrockets if you’re looking to use their market intelligence products. If you are a large publisher you’ll probably know already they offer valuable data.


AppFigures has been in the market as a store statistics tracking tool for quite some time. Quite recently compared to other ASO tools they have entered the market to extend their store analytics to support a wide range of ASO tools.

Pricing: They do support some free and lower priced tiers, but seriously it can be considered to become useful at their $99/month tier which gives 500 trackable keywords. Then their also is a $299/month tier that adds more keywords and market intelligence features.


Meatti is in their words a AI-driven App Store Optimization Platform. Which in short means they pride themselves on giving you automated recommendations on what keywords to use through their AI. Their service is easy to use and the automatic aspect is a great way for beginners to get started.

Pricing: $19/month per app, all features included. Have to say that is nice and clear pricing. 

App Radar

App Radar is focussed on the ASO features mainly in combination with ratings / reviews tracking. In the highest price tier it also has App Search Ads intelligence feature.

Pricing: App Radar offers a free tier for 2 apps and 20 keywords, and then has tiers of $39, $69, and $129, all starting with 2 trackable apps, so prices would increase beyond this when you have more apps.


SearchMan is a market data and ASO tool that has been out there for quite some time. From the looks of it (which haven’t changed over the years) it’s mainly aimed at market data and combines ASO features into the mix as well.

Pricing: it has a limited free tier, ASO based tiers start at $25/month/app.


Splitmetrics is something to take a look at simply because it focuses on different aspects of ASO then most of the other ASO tools covered here. Their tool is all about improving the conversion rates of your store page and the ability to run A/B tests on your store listings and advertisement campaigns. Getting ranked on keywords is one thing, but nailing your conversions rates is critical to success.

Pricing: Not publicly available, but our research indicates pricing starting at around $5k/year. This is certainly an enterprise level product.


SearchAdsHQ is from the same vendor as Splitmetrics and is all about optimizing your Apple search ads campaigns.

Pricing: Like their other product not available on the site, but our intel tells us it starts at about $500/month.


ASODesk is a keyword optimization tool with added growth marketing tools. The tool does what is expected and also does a pretty good job at spotting trending search keywords.

Pricing: Haven’t seen many separate pricing tiers in a while. Long story short it ranges from $29 (2 apps / 50 keywords) up to $499 a month (unlimited apps / 9000 keywords). 


Storemaven is something down the same lines as Splitmetrics allowing you to optimize your store assets to improve your overall conversion rates. Improving conversion rates is really important for both organic as well as paid installs, so these tools do warrant some investigation.

Pricing: “We tailor our service to each enterprise customer…” is a fancy way to say we are gonna charge as much as possible and it’s ain’t gonna be cheap.


AppCodes is an App Store only ASO tool, but what it does it does well. You’ll have to see if it’s something that works for you. Their demo gives a good impression of what to expect. Biggest issue of course is that most developers like to track keywords for both Google Play and the App Store. I know of developers who like to use this as a sort of tool on the side.

Pricing: $14,95 you can track 200 phrases.


TheTool is a pure ASO tool with less focus on the market intelligence stuff often touted by other vendors. The keyword tracking and suggestions tools work fine so if that is what you’re after this is a tool to consider.

Pricing: $29/month for 5 app / 200 keyword, $69/month 15 apps / 600 keywords, $199/month 50 apps / 2500 keywords.


Prioridata is a market intelligence company offering tools and services of which keyword intelligence is one. It allows you to research, benchmark and track your keywords.

Pricing: public pricing pages don’t seem to be available any longer. They seem to aim for enterprise level customers.


Gummicube is an ASO tool (or service) with a bold claim: #1 ASO Company in the World. Now on what this claim is based, I have no clue whatsoever. This seems to be more of a service then a tool.

3. Trend and audience spotting

Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights is a very handy tool to research the behaviour and interest of certain audiences on Facebook. Related to ASO it can help you discover new directions to take your keywords as you discover new and unexpected interests of your audience.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a favorite tool when you want to spot trends and see if certain keywords are starting to trend or about to die. It’s also great to get deeper insight into seasonal trends and adjust accordingly. Overall a great tool, not only for ASO.

4. How to get started & closing comments

We have done our very best to make this ASO tools list as comprehensive and fair as possible. Have we missed someone or have new features or pricing been revealed, email to let us know.

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