Why Cross Promotions Work so Well?

Cross promoting your games within your own portfolio is one of the most cost effective ways of growing your user base. The concept is easy, but getting it right is hard.

The costs faced by developers for user acquisition (UA) have only been growing over the past years with costs per install (CPIs) in excess of $2 not uncommon in top tier markets. Hyper casual games have been able to undercut these excessive CPIs due to the high attraction value to the consumer, but when all is said and done, the budgets required to drive paid traffic to your games is something many developers can’t afford, certainly not at scale.

Developers need to be creative and look at all options to find new players, and maybe even more important keep them. Users are jumpy and ready to hop to the next shiny object at any time, retaining them is hard and not many games succeed at keeping 40%+ of their day 1 users.

One proven way to get new downloads and improve overall portfolio retention (more on this later) is through cross promotions. Basically, ads in your game that upsell to your other games. When done right this can be an extremely effective asset in your marketing tool belt.

The key here is, “when done right”, because many developers have had limited or negative results when applying cross promotions in a way that doesn’t suite their game. Also, many ad networks have been adding this an extra feature allowing the existing ad units to run cross promotions as well, but here it either bites into your ad revenue or is too intrusive for its purpose.

So how to go about cross promoting your games the right way, they way that you don’t lose out on current ad revenue, and you don’t annoy users hereby killing your retention? Good question!

First, you want to make them as native as possible to your overall game experience. Placing cross promotions within the natural flow of your user interface (UI). Second, timing is everything when presenting cross promotions. For example, an extremely effective approach on Android devices is the exit confirmation. The user is showing an intent to quit and exit the game, how valuable is it when on exit you get the user to dive into another game within your portfolio. This illustrates how cross promotions can help you boost your overall retention across your entire portfolio.

Other great spots for a cross promotion are on the main menu and within the UI of a natural pause such as a game-over or level complete screen.

Super Developers brings together nearly a decade of research and optimization of running cross promotions and enables you to deliver animated cross promotions with the highest conversion that can be adjusted and measured through the dashboard.

Finally, cross promotions are a proven marketing formula for releasing new games with a far higher chance of success. Release a new game and boost its initial downloads by prioritizing most of the traffic to this new game. You will be driving proven loyal players into your new game, who are far more likely to show good retention and are far more likely to leave good reviews. Both critical for any new game hitting the market.

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